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Homeopathy for the First Stage of Illness

Having homeopathic remedies and a good resource book in your home, such as Homeopathic Medicine At Homeby Maesimund B. Panos, can be a really empowering thing; especially when it comes to children and the first stage of illness. When a child becomes ill, a parent is filled with feelings of worry and in some cases, helplessness. Being able to give a tissue salt, a well chosen homeopathic remedy and knowing what foods to give and what foods to avoid at the first sign of illness can make all the difference.

A strong immune system can be challenged by illness and not be compromised or may be only slightly compromised. A weakened immune system will become compromised very easily and in this case, you may find a little person who is constantly developing more serious complications from any cold or flu that seems to be going around.

So, how does a parent do all that they can at the first stage so that they can try and prevent illness from developing further? My first suggestion if you have a child who seems to be continually getting ill, is to seek the advice of a qualified classical homeopath. A classical homeopath does not prescribe combination remedies. They will carefully assess your child's individual case and recommend a remedy to boost their particular immune system. A carefully chosen homeopathic remedy can strengthen the immune system and reduce one's sensitivity to sources of stress. To find a qualified practitioner in your area, try the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and NASH if you are located in Canada or the US.

In my post, Homeopathy at Home: Where to Start, I give detailed instructions for purchasing remedies and books. It is really important for me, as a parent, to have access to books and the remedies I need when my family becomes ill. The homeopathic book and remedies package I recommend in the previous post, is, in my opinion, the most cost effective way to arm yourself with a great book and all the remedies you may need for your family. I also recommend purchasing the twelve tissue salts (also called cell salts) available at most health food stores as well as picking up a copy of the Biochemic Handbook (only $3.95 at Minimum Price Books). Another little book I adore is Homeopathic Remedies for Children by Phyllis Speight (only $11.95 at Minimum Price Books). This book is simple and easy to use; a great resource for parents! Other books about homeopathy are listed on my books page so check them out too.

So, when my children, my husband or myself first become ill, I give Ferr. Phos. tissue salt straight away. I will give this tissue salt (two pellets for one dose) maybe five times throughout the day. Then, I also consider our constitutional remedies. If the illness fits the picture of our constitutional remedy, then I give that as well. My daughter often needs the remedy Pulsatilla Pratensis for example. I usually give her a 30C dose of this remedy. When she is ill, I may give her 1 or 2 doses a day only until she starts to get well, then I discontinue. If the symptoms of our illness do not match with those of our constitutional remedies, I look for a remedy that does match. If I can't find the correct remedy or I am unsure, I wait. I know what our constitutional remedies are because I am a homeopath. You do not need to know what your constitutional remedy is in order to treat for minor ailments. But, if you do happen to know what it is, or which remedies you have used with success in the past, it can be helpful.

It is really important that you make sure that the homeopathic remedy you give matches your child's symptoms. The books I have recommended here are easy for the beginner to use to identify the symptoms for each remedy. Consult with your homeopath if you are unsure which remedy to give or if there are signs of any chronic illness.

I am always aware of the power of food. Sugar suppresses the immune system so I am mindful not to take any food with refined sugar in it. Fresh fruits however, are a great cleanser. I give my family lots of fresh fruit and vegetables when they are ill (if they will take them). I juice fresh oranges, lemons and grapefruits. I also make a green shake like the green gloop recipe in my previous post with lots of dark leafy greens and Spirulina. I try to make my healthful drinks really delicious so that my children feel like it's a real treat to get their special shake.

I also totally avoid dairy products at this time. Diary will cause your body to produce mucous.  If your child likes milk, it is super easy to make your own almond milk. When you make it yourself, it is full of healing enzymes not available in the pre-made varieties. Finally, I offer lots of water.

Almond Milk
Soak one cup of raw almonds over night (or for at least four hours)
Dump the soaking water and rinse the almonds well
Place almonds in your blender with two cups of water
Blend well
Pour through a fine sieve or cheese cloth squeezing out the excess water
After this, if you like, add a ripe or frozen banana or a soaked date or two and blend again to sweeten
I keep the almond grounds for other raw food dishes or you can compost them 

I give my kids all the extra love that they are craving when they are ill. It really makes a difference. I tuck them into a cozy blanket and read them a story, rub their back, brush their hair, help them to relax and sleep so that their body can heal. Some children don't want to be touched when they're ill, so do give those little ones their space. But, for all the other sick wee ones, cuddle away!

There are a few other things that only my husband and I occasionally take when we feel a cold coming on; Vitamin C Crystals dissolved in water or freshly squeezed juice, this great herbal combination of astragalus, shiitake and olive leaf called Ki and we also sometimes take Oil of Oregano and a Probiotic.

If you have questions, please send me an e-mail.

♥ Andrea ♥

*The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical advice from a qualified health care practitioner.*

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