Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nutrition is King

The importance of nutrition is paramount. Nutrition really should be our #1 form of medicine. Many people feel strapped for time and unfortunately, diet is one of the things that can suffer in a busy life. Diet has to be a priority. The better you eat, the better you will feel. It really is that simple. Everyone (including myself) can have a better relationship with food. Take the time to assess your diet and come up with a plan for change.

I am often asked about what we eat and what I think constitutes a good diet. And so, I will share some of my thoughts on family nutrition here.

Here are the dietary changes that I recommend for everyone:

Water, raw vegetables and fruit, sprouts, whole grains, legumes, raw and soaked nuts and seeds and raw cold pressed vegetable oils.

Saturated fats, meat, refined sugars, refined flours (switch to whole grain varieties), table salt (switch to sea salt)

Processed foods, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours, preservatives, hydrogenated oils

Try your best to make eating time a quiet and stress-free time. Chew your food thoroughly and focus your attention on your food rather than thinking about you are going to do next or working on projects while you are eating (this isn't always easy in our busy lives, but try your best). This will ensure optimal digestion.

I try and feed my family as many raw vegetables and fruit as possible. I often buy much more fresh produce than I think my family can eat. This has increased the amount of raw food we eat and has forced me to come up with ways to get more into us.

Don't forget that your relationship with food will effect your children's relationship with food. Give them lots of raw veggies from an early age and try not to assume what they will like and what they won't like. Do your best not to draw attention to a family member's dislike for vegetables for example. Find the raw vegetables your family members like and offer them everyday.

A great way to eat more fresh fruit and veggies is to make shakes. We love shakes. I have a few basic recipes I often use but I always experiment with different shake recipes.

We make this shake a lot:

Refreshing Green Gloop
3 big handfuls of greens (spring mix or baby spinach)
* I have small hands but I usually almost fill the blender with greens
1/4 of a cored pineapple
juice from 3 oranges
juice from 1 lemon
1-2 ripe bananas
1 heaping teaspoonful of Spirulina
1 scoop brown rice protein (optional, the brand I have is Interactive Absolute Rice Protein) *ensure you read the label if you buy a protein powder, many of them have artificial flavours
water (as per desired consistency)

Blend all ingredients well in your blender until smooth

My kids love this shake. Shakes are so easy to make and they are packed with nutrients!

"It's not the food in your life, it's the life in your food". I love this quote. I don't know who coined it.
How much life is in your food?

♥ Andrea ♥

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