Monday, August 23, 2010

Treating Your Family for Fever Naturally


We've been really busy. And then, we got sick! It only lasted a couple of days but boy was I hit hard! Admittedly,  I haven't been taking care of myself . I've been burning the candles at both ends as they say.

This is probably the third time I've had to treat my children for fever with homeopathy since they were born. And myself, well I can't remember the last time I had a fever, many years ago. So I thought that I would share our experience with you so that you know that it is indeed possible to treat your family for fever naturally at home. I do have Tylenol in the cupboard as a precautionary measure, but I've never had to use it.  Homeopathy has always worked for us very quickly. In fact, my kids have never had to take anything else for any ailment.

On the first day of our illnesses, my son came down with a sudden fever. He was hot, flushed and curled up in a chair and went to sleep at 8pm. This is highly unusual. Typically, this is a high energy kid who doesn't start to rev down until 9 or 9:30pm. So, while he slept in the chair I slipped a dose of belladonna 30C under his tongue because that is the remedy that most closely matched his symptoms. He woke up once in the night and spit up a bit. I gave him one more dose of belladonna 30C and he woke up in the morning a healthy boy!

My daughter then developed a sudden fever the very next day. She also was hot and flushed and a bit droopy eyed. I gave her a dose of belladonna 30C and her fever came down straight away. That was it!
 Look! Homeopathy worked wonders for Buzz and Woody too! 

Now my situation was a bit of the old 'physician heal thyself' (I'm much better or at least much faster at treating the family than I am at treating myself). Anyway, I started to feel ill on that second day too, a little achy all over and tired. I just took it easy and went to bed early and things didn't really progress. But then I stayed up very late the next two nights as I've developed an awful habit of doing as of late. I woke up the next morning feeling horrible! I was terribly cold and achy with a bad headache. I could hardly stay awake! I recognized my symptoms as those which are treated using the remedy Gelsemium but I was too sick to even go and get it. So I took nothing (silly girl) and it got to the point that my eyes were swollen, my throat felt like sand paper each time I swallowed and I felt like I was going to pass out when I tried to stand up. So, I put movies on for the kids, felt sorry for myself and whined to my husband on the phone to come home and take care of me :)

Finally, my husband came home, I got some Gelsemium 200C and went to bed early. The following morning I woke up still feeling awful. My back felt like it was broken and all the other symptoms seemed to still be around. I took another dose of Gelsemium 200C and unfortunately had an aggravation (very dizzy and nauseous). While this can happen sometimes with homeopathic remedies, it is rare, mild, brief and nothing to worry about. The reason an aggravation can occur is because the substance taken to treat the condition is one that can also create those same symptoms in a healthy person (this is why homeopathy works). The trick is to take the smallest dose needed to effect a cure. I tend to be an extremely sensitive patient, so I typically don't need to take doses higher than 30C. I am happy to say that things quickly improved for me after that. I was 95% better that very evening and the following day I was 100%.

The only other things I did to treat myself and the kids was to feed us fresh fruit and veggies in shake form, totally avoided sugar and dairy products and I also took oil of oregano (oil of oregano should not be given to children). Also, oil of oregano can interfere with homeopathic remedies, so I made sure to take it only once I was really on the mend.  

As a practitioner I've brought down countless fevers very quickly with homeopathic remedies. But anyone can use homeopathy at home just as I did as long as you have a good book and a stock of remedies on hand. See my first post on the blog, Homeopathy at Home: Where to Start for more information about what books and remedies to consider buying.

Of course as always, if symptoms persist or worsen, do not take risks with your health! See a qualified health care practitioner! But homeopathy is gentle on the body and it works, so why not try it first?

♥ Andrea ♥

*The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical advice from a qualified health care practitioner.* 

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