Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Natural Recipe: Lavender Oil

The lavender is blooming in our garden so I decided to make some simple lavender oil.

It's really easy to make! Just take some fresh lavender flowers just before or as their flowers are starting to open.

Place them in a bag and bash them a bit with a spoon.

Shove as many as you can fit into a clean glass jar.

Cover them with an extra virgin oil. I used olive. In this small jar I needed about half a liter.

Let sit for a day but no longer than two because your fresh flowers can get moldy. Drain the oil with a cheesecloth and you're done! 

This oil has a lovely subtle sweet lavender scent and can be rubbed right into your skin or added to a bath. This would also make an excellent relaxing night time massage oil.

♥ Andrea ♥


  1. Ha! I was wondering how you made this... Thanks for the lovely jar you gave me - it has been much enjoyed!!! ;)

    1. Great! I'm so happy you have enjoyed it :) ♥

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