Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mock Tuna Nori Roles *vegan*

It's hot!

In the last few days I have made some winning summer food that the whole family has enjoyed. And of course the best part about these healthy recipes is that they didn't require cooking. This is one of my new favorite recipes for summer.

Here is the link for the original recipe I followed for the mock tuna on Because I am not a 100% raw fooder, I changed the recipe a bit.

Here's what I did:

I soaked sunflower seeds and almonds in water over night. Then I drained them, rinsed them and placed a 1/2 cup of each into the blender with:

juice of one lemon
2 splashes of apple cider vinegar
splash of maple syrup
1 heaping teaspoon of minced garlic
a bit of water to facilitate blending

I mixed this mixture in a bowl with:

3 stalks of chopped celery
3 scallions
2 Tbsp vegan mayonnaise (regular mayo is fine if you're not vegan, or you can make your own)
1 tsp Kozlik's Sweet and Smokey mustard (not raw but the most amazing mustard ever)
chopped fresh dill
sea salt and tamari to taste

Finally, I rolled the mock tuna in half sheets of nori and also added sliced cucumber and bean sprouts.

My son snatched and gobbled down two of these while I was still making them!

The name mock tuna doesn't sound very appetizing but my husband's reaction was, "that is remarkably tasty". And, it's true.

♥ Andrea ♥

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