Thursday, June 27, 2013

Natural Recipe: Post Partum Herbal Sitz Bath

Immersing yourself in an herbal bath anytime is such a wonderful thing. After giving birth and becoming a new mother, taking time alone to soak in a healing bath is truly heavenly. And a handmade jar full of beautiful, wonderful smelling, healing herbs makes a lovely gift for a pregnant friend. I made this recipe for my friend who had a baby very recently. There are so many ways to make an herbal sitz bath. I've made these up many times for friends and for myself over the years and I don't think I've ever made it the same twice. This is the recipe I used most recently.

Typically, a sitz bath is one in which only the buttocks and hips are immersed in hot water in order to generate energy and circulation to that particular area of the body. You can use this recipe as a sitz bath or you can add it to a regular bath. For a traditional sitz bath, you will need a large tub or bucket to sit in.

1 part yarrow
2 parts lavender flowers
1 part chamomile flowers
1 part comfrey leaf
1 part marshmallow root
1 part uva ursi
1 part calendula flowers
sea salt   

You can decide how much of the mixture you would like to make. I used 1/2 cup quantities per each part to fill the large jar I had chosen. If you are filling a smaller jar, use a smaller amount for each part.
Mix all of the herbs together in a large bowl. 
Fill up your jar with the herb mixture.
I finished my jar off with a small square of fabric that I cut with pinking shears and then just fastened it to the top of the jar with an elastic band.

For the Bath
Add one cup of herbs to 8 cups of boiling water. Cover the pot, remove from heat and let stand for 30 to 60 minutes or so. Strain and add this infusion to your bath along with a 1/4 cup of sea salt.

This herbal recipe is used to assist the healing process after birth. It works wonders on the physical body and the ritual of taking time out for a warm lovely aromatic bath is also incredibly healing mentally and emotionally. Just writing this is making me want to go and have one myself. In fact, I think that's just what I will do!

You can purchase these herbs at health food stores who carry bulk herbs or you can order them through The Herbal Clinic and Dispensary and have them delivered right to you. You can also have herbalist, Celina Ainsworth, make up an herbal recipe for you if you don't want to make it yourself. Call the Herbal Dispensary at, 416.537.5303, to place your order.

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  1. Thanks for posting I am making this sitz for my cousin who is postpartum. She will be nursing is there any concerns with the comfrey leaf as the label said not to use if pregnant or nursing?

    1. Hello! Thank you for your great question. Congratulations to your cousin on the birth of her baby! I hope she loves the sitz bath. The herbs will just be used externally so there is no concern regarding nursing.


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